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Fiberglass Boat Repair Service

Fiberglass Boat Repair Service

Fiberglass Boat with crack in it


Our high-quality fiberglass boat repair is among the many feature services we provide.


Sometimes it happens even to the best of us – a crack or cracks in one’s fiberglass boat. Flaws of all kinds – from those highly major cracks to the most minor of chinks – can detract from the appearance of your boat. As an industry leader for more than two-and-a-half decades, Props Plus, Ltd. continues to offer fiberglass boat repair unsurpassed in quality – allowing you to maintain your boat’s picture-perfect look. Our long-time standing in the boat repair industry has shown that we are committed to great customer service as we quality work that we can be proud of.

Are you looking for an insurance quote for your damaged boat? Once again, we’ve got you covered. Fiberglass boat repair is one of our specialties. Keep your boat looking always at its best; send us an email or come in for a quote today and take away those unwanted blemishes.



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